We planted our tomatoes this week that we started indoors back in February.

All 150 of them.

They were huge, so I probably started them a little too early.

I guess I was overzealous in my desire to get an early start.  🙂

I made a video talking about how we plant our tomatoes to give them a great start, and I also mention a bunch of other tips and methods I use to grow great tomatoes.

I also mention one of my favorite garden tools – the garden auger.  This attachment is used with a power drill and while often labeled for use planting bulbs, I find it great for digging holes to plant my transplants into.  It’s also great for mixing soil amendments.

You can find the Yard Butler Roto Auger that I have here, but I would also recommend you check out the Tanaka Planting Auger Bit, which has a larger, 3 inch wide head, and a bigger shaft with a hex end so it won’t slip under the high torque conditions encountered when using a garden auger on compacted soil.

Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments.