The first day of summer (and the longest day of the year) is Friday, June 21st!


Of course, it has probably felt like summer for a long time already in your area, not to mention that spring flies by so fast. It seems like everyone’s birthday, graduation, or wedding hits at once, usually within just a few weeks of each other.

And gardeners aren’t immune, are they?

During early spring, everyone wants to garden. Dreams of crunchy peas and juicy tomatoes dance around our kitchens, and some of us even prepare a garden plot. We have lofty aspirations, but spring takes a pretty good bite out of them.

Before you know it, it’s 88 degrees, the longest day of the year, and you haven’t finished planting everything. 

Don’t be frustrated. We’ve all experienced it. And while summer might have dashed your hopes for a spring batch of peas, don’t let it compost your garden dream yet. It isn’t too late to get out there and grow something this summer!

(Besides, if you live in a Northern climate, gardeners are just getting started anyway. You’re right on time! 😉 )


If you’re a bit of a late gardener this year, here are your options:


First, go ahead and plant seeds anyway.

Even if you’re a little late, some crops like zucchini or green beans will mature quickly under the summer sun. Discover what vegetable varieties mature quickest or tolerate extreme heat. Plant those.

Second, do successive plantings in the garden you already have.

If you planted a few things before summer hit, plant a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) round. Not only will you get more production, but you will also enjoy more consistent production.

That increases your chances of actually doing something with all that produce. (Oh, yes. I understand that battle too.)

And third, plan for a fall garden or crops that will overwinter. 

A lot like summer, fall creeps into our gardens without us noticing. Don’t let that happen to you! Instead, use some of these sweltering summer days to research what crops tolerate the cold. It will be time to get your fall garden crops in the ground soon, so review your plans and your seed inventory, and then get the seeds that you need now and put them in a prominent location to help you remember.

Not only will you get a late harvest, but fall crops are also delicious, especially if you’re planting greens or carrots. (Some plants will overwinter, if you have a suitable climate and take proper steps to protect vegetation.)

Whatever option you choose, here’s something that will make it easier (and cheaper)!

To celebrate the official start of summer with the longest day of the year, vacations, and more time in the garden and with family, we’re having a Start of Summer Seed Sale right now!

Start of Summer Seed Sale


You can get 15% off + free shipping on your entire order of $30 or more of heirloom seeds this week through Monday night, June 24th at Midnight PT!

This is a great chance to get any seeds you may have run out of, or get some new varieties to add to your garden or plant successively after your early crops are done.


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Shop our heirloom seeds now and get the most out of your garden this year!

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Keep growing,


“How do I choose garden seeds?”

This blog post covers considerations gardeners need to know to pick the perfect seeds! 

Our FREE Fall Planting Calculator will help you determine exactly which crops you can still plant and what the latest date is that you can plant them. It allows you to input your First Average Frost Date and calculate indoor start date, outdoor planting date, transplant date, and more! Don’t wait until the last minute this year…

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