Marigold African – Crackerjack Mix Flower

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A low growing border plant with bright colored flowers in yellow, orange, and red. Flowers (and leaves) are edible and taste similar to watercress, add them to salad for a punch of color. Prefers cool, mild conditions. Easy to grow and blooms quickly. Thin to 6″ – 12″ apart. Pack covers approximately 10 sq ft if broadcast.

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Large flowers in shades of yellow to orange add color to borders and flower gardens. The flower’s strong aroma deters many garden pests. This marigold has nematocidal qualities when dug into the soil. This tall, colorful plant is traditionally used in the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations. Has been used medicinally for centuries. Pack covers approx. 10 sq ft if broadcast. Thin to 12″ apart. Deadhead spent flowers to prolong bloom season.

African Marigold – Crackerjack Mix – Tagetes erecta

Flowers: Good cut flower. Blooms summer to fall

Attracts: Attracts bees and butterflies

Soil: Requires well-draining, moderately fertile soil

  • USDA Zone: 3-10
  • Plant In: Spring
  • Planting Depth: 1/4″
  • Days to Germinate: 3-7 Days
  • Height At Maturity: 2′-3′
  • Sun/Shade Requirements: Full Sun
  • Water Needs: Moderate Water
  • Approx Seeds per Pack: 100 Seeds

Product image via: Peaceful Valley Farm Supply


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