Independence Day with kids in garden


On July 4th, 1776, 56 delegates from the 13 American colonies formally ratified the text that declared their independence from Great Britain as sovereign states, casting off the tyranny of King George after a long an arduous process of petitioning him for their grievances and suffering under oppression and military invasion.

The American colonists were a hardy, independent lot, men who were strong and self-reliant, interdependent in their local communities, and dependent on God for His blessing and favor.

All of them had gardens and self-production of food, even lawyers like John Adams.  Many were farmers, such as George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson was a master gardener.

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This weekend, take some time to remember those founding fathers who toiled and sacrificed to form and birth our nation.  Read your children stories of courage by statesmen and soldiers, farmers and tradesmen who led their people in demanding their liberty, and backing it up by action on the field of battle.

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