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I’ve been gardening for a long time. Before I could walk, my parents had me out in the garden with them, and once I could walk, the garden became my pasture for grazing. Even back then, my parents planted important seeds in me: love for God’s creation, enjoyment of working with my hands, and an appreciation for the thought and effort that goes into growing food.

I’m doing similar work with my own children, working to pass on the legacy of gardening to them.  Several years ago, I was looking for an opportunity to have my kids work alongside me and to work with each other, and one winter I had an epiphany.

Our family loves heirloom seeds and vegetables, so why not share them with others?

As a result, I decided to start a small cottage industry as a way to give my children an opportunity to work together with me in a family business.  And that day, Seeds for Generations began!

Today, our family business sells organic heirloom vegetable seeds and related gardening products. This is a way for my our family to serve others and for our kids to learn hard work, diligence, and teamwork, and is a great supplement to their homeschooling curriculum.

In addition to being a homesteader and lifelong gardener, I’m a 20-year Air Force veteran with 9 worldwide deployments, including two tours in Afghanistan.   I’m also an entrepreneur, marketing consultant, business coach, and public speaker.  I co-produced the documentary film Beyond Off Grid, and produced the Return to the Old Paths training media project, devoted to inspiring and equipping you to reduce your dependence on the modern economy and seek true freedom by Returning to the Old Paths of productive households and local community interdependence.

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Jason Matyas

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