How to Grow More Fruits & Vegetables with Less Time and Hassle

Plan Now to Grow More Organic Produce This Spring!

Join this training to learn how to plan your garden to optimize your food production, without spending hours or increasing your garden size.

In this free training, we will cover:

• Soil health for gardens (and why this topic is so important)
• Crop rotation for maximum production
• Companion planting for pest control and biodiversity
• Vertical planting for reducing disease and increasing harvest
• And more!

Your host will be Jason Matyas, founder of Seeds for Generations. Your presenter will be Melissa K. Norris, a 5th generation homesteader. A cancer scare prompted her family to increase their food production and focus on eating healthy, whole foods. Today, they raise 50% of the vegetables they eat, as well as 75% of their own fruit and 100% of their own meat!

 This training will be available until:

Feb 1st at midnight Pacific Time

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