We’re Less than Two Months from the First Day of Fall!


It’s hard to think about cooler weather right now when much of the country is still experiencing 80s, 90s, even 100s on the thermometer. But despite what it looks like in your garden now, fall is coming fast. We’re less than two months away from the first official day of fall! 

It’s kind of sad, actually. Before long, you’ll be picking winter squash, pulling out exhausted tomato vines, and harvesting the last few cucumbers, peppers, and ears of sweet corn. Your mouth might even water, remembering the flavors of summertime. Or maybe you’ll get a little discouraged, because you wanted to grow so much in your garden this year, but your growing season again proved too short or too harsh for an abundant harvest.


But it isn’t too late!


You might not be able to slow down the calendar or go back in time, but it ISN’T too late to get an abundant harvest from your garden. Fall gardens can be just as productive as spring and summer gardens, if you plan them right.

First off, a fall garden extends your growing season. They’re ideal for gardeners who live in climates with shorter growing seasons or harsh summer conditions.

When you plant a fall garden, you’ll get a larger total harvest of produce for the year. You’ll have another chance to preserve food for the winter, plus another round to try cooler weather crops that didn’t do very well in the spring.

And the added bonus? Leafy greens and some root crops from a fall garden taste better and produce more when they’re growing in cooler temperatures!

All of those benefits can be yours, if you start planning a fall garden NOW, while you still have time to calculate planting dates, get the best seeds, and prepare a garden plot.

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There are plenty of options for your fall garden. Let’s take a peek at some of the plants that might grow well in your climate this fall:


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Fall Planting Calculator

To help make planning that garden easy, I’ve created a FREE Fall Planting Calculator that will help you determine exactly which crops you can still plant and what the latest date is that you can plant them and still enjoy a harvest before fall sets in and it’s too cold. Plus, there’s a section that shows you how much extra time you get if you’re using a season extension method like a greenhouse or frost protection like mini-hoops and row covers.


Get access to the Fall Planting Calculator here.


Want to Learn More About Fall Gardening?


Fall gardening isn’t like any other kind of gardening, so we’ve recently published a new blog series on the topic. It covers all of the details fall gardeners need to know, including soil, location, and space considerations, laying out a new fall garden, calculating important dates, using season extension, and more.


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